It all starts with

The Ambiance

A beautifully preserved building from 1790 in the heart of Downtown St. Augustine

There are so many stories of Mrs. Worth, General Worth’s wife and her two daughters who lived in the home.  There have been sightings of her.  One of the first stories was of her walking down the stairs in a large dress and into the kitchen disappearing (as there are no exit doors).  Colonel Sprague the husband of the first daughter has been seen in the Men’s bathroom mirror wearing a bowler hat and then vanishing.  One of the best is when David the owner was closing late at night when his office was on the 2nd floor where the large group seating is now.  So many times heard a man and a woman’s voice walking across the 2nd floor dining room and opening the balcony door and when he would go out thinking he had locked someone in and no one would be there.  He said that’s it I’m going to put some flour on the floor or put in security cameras.  The most recent siting on security cameras was on the 3rd floor where a tray flew off of the top of freezer chest like a frisbee from 5 feet away and knocking over a 5 gallon bucket of rice.  There’s no one on the 3rd floor on any camera or after except the dishwasher hearing it at the base of the stairs and turning around walking up and looking at the mess to cleanup.  There’s so many to tell but let’s say Mr. Fetzer the manager who has been with us for over 20 years is there to tell you a few if you catch him walking by your table.

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