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Our menu features Homemade crab cakes, fresh grouper, fresh shrimp, lobster and crab, choice steaks, homemade chowder, chicken, pasta dishes, daily Chef’s creations, children’s menu, saute specialties and more delights!

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Waterview Dining

Circa 1790 - Worth Mansion



Mrs. Worth we believe haunts O.C. White’s. The building is also known in town as The Worth Mansion.  Mrs. Worth lived here in the late 1800’s.  We have copies of letters (courtesy of the Historical Library on Aviles Street) she wrote to her husband General Worth (Fort Worth, Texas-he’s famous).  The day we found the letters we also found this picture of Mrs. Worth with her son-in-law Colonel T. Sprague.  Mrs. Worth passed away we presume in the home and The Worth Mansion passed down to her son-in-law as her daughter by law wasn’t allowed to acquire property because she was a woman.

There are so many stories to tell but one more infamous story would be a picture that is in the St. Augustine Library.  One day when OC himself was washing his hands in the men’s bathroom, looked up in the mirror to see a man standing behind him with what he said was a tall top hat.  He said excuse me and got out of the way and the man vanished.  The doors are pretty heavy in the men’s bathroom so there is no way that fast someone could disappear.  For years we all thought it was an Abe Lincoln hat.  When we showed him the picture he shouted, “That’s him! That’s him in the tall top hat!” Well that’s a bowler hat we told him but nevertheless it is Colonel T. Sprague Mrs. Worth’s son-in-law.

Stay tuned for our Ghost Tours that will be starting in the Fall.  Time and dates will be announced on Instagram and Facebook so follow us there!  If interested in large group for ghost tours please email us at ocwhitesevents@gmail.com  See you soon! Essentially, the platform collects everything a My-Best-Essay teacher needs in one place, expending little time and no cost

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FFun For The Whole Family

Outdoor Garden Patio

Garden Patio


Bring the whole family, (even the dog!) and enjoy live music 7 nights a week in the bay front breeze on our tropical garden patio. There is fun for everyone with specialty cocktails, kids menus with crayons, and live tunes to carry the night away.

Patio overlook


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